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Anonymous Crime Tips

  1. Notice

    Tips submitted via this page are not monitored in real-time. If you are experiencing an emergency, crisis, or have an immediate need for assistance, CALL 911. This form is for non-emergencies only.

  2. Enter any information that you feel would be important and helpful to your Havelock Investigators.

  3. Are you a citizen and/or resident of Havelock, NC?*

    Although your identity will remain anonymous, it is useful, statistically, for reporting purposes to track the number of anonymous tips that come from within our city limits and those that are not.

  4. If you choose not to be anonymous, this is where you would enter your contact information. One of our investigators would love to talk with you!

  5. Not required, but if you would like one of us to call you back, enter your phone number.

  6. Same as above, totally optional, but if you would rather us email you, enter your email address.

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