Solid Waste

When Preparing Yard Waste…

All yard waste must be separated from any trash, garbage or rubbish.

Limbs left for the City must be no larger than 48 inches in length and five inches in diameter. All limbs must be parallel to the curbline and placed off street pavement and between roadside drain or ditch and front property line. A maximum volume of 128 cubic feet (8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet) or a pick-up truck bed is set per week for every household.

Yard waste includes grass, pine straw, weeds, hedge clippings, garden waste and leaves (excluding leaves only during the seasonal pick up dates.) All loose yard waste should be contained in 30-gallon biodegradable paper bags or 32-gallons (maximum) container that won't hold water.

Leaf Season

Leaf season is from November 1st through February 28th. Bags or containers are not required for leaves during this season. Leaves, excluding limbs, branches and pine cones, must be in a neat pile off the street and between roadside drain or ditch and front property line during this season.

Remainder of year from March 1st through October 31, leaves must be contained in a 30-gallon biodegradable paper bag or container no larger than 32-gallon that won't hold water.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees left for City pick-up must be natural and bare of all decorations and attachments. The City will collect trees to be donated the first Monday after New Year's until the end of the business week. Also, visit Christmas Tree Dune Rebuilding Projects all along the coast.

Contractors Rubbish

All contractors are responsible for the proper disposal of any rubbish, building rubbish, garbage, trash or yard waste created. If contractors neglect, this responsibility falls to the property owner.

Inappropriately Assembled Waste

If the city deems your yard or bulky waste inappropriately assembled, it will be rejected and a notice, along with a flyer, with guidelines will be provided. The notice will request immediate removal. If ignored, a nuisance will be declared and action will follow the city's Code of Ordinances.


Recycling is provided by Craven County (LINK).


All City residents who currently are water and/or sewer customers will have solid waste service from Waste Industries. A $21.50/residential or $26.50/commercial monthly charge will be added to your water/sewer bill. 

You are financially responsible for the blue 95 gallon carts provided by GFL. If damaged or lost, these carts cost $98.00 to replace. GFL will not pick up trash in containers other than this cart. An additional cart can be delivered for your use at an additional fee of $21.50/residential or $26.50/commercial per cart per month.

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