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Daniel WalshDaniel Walsh, Commissioner

Mayor Pro Tem

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Daniel F. (Danny) Walsh, IV, was re-elected to the Havelock Board of Commissioners in 2019. He believes that more successful businesses will improve the quality of life for Havelock residents and spread the tax burden more equally among its citizens. He is interested in transportation improvements to increase business and attract more customers to the Havelock area.

Commissioner Walsh came to Havelock in 1964 as a young Marine and made it his home. He has owned several businesses over the years and currently owns "Boone's Truck Center" with his wife, Ginny, and son, Boone. He served on the Havelock Board of Adjustment for three years and the Planning Board for 11 years. Commissioner Walsh currently serves as a board member of BB&T Bank. In addition, he is the Craven County representative to the Environmental Impact Review Board at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point.

Board Representation

Commissioner Walsh is currently appointed as the Board of Commissioners representative of Allies for Cherry Point's Tomorrow (ACT), Craven County Committee of 100 Alliance (C1A), Highway 70 Corridor Commission and the Havelock-Craven County Library Board.